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HP Indigo 7000 for sale 5 Color.

2014, augusztus 26 - 17:22
HP Indigo 7000 for sale
5 Color.
Total impressions: 10 million.
Purchased Oct 2010
Xeon CPU with windows Vista
Gigabit lan
Optical device16xdvd+ RW DL light scribe
Automatic duplex
Electronic collation
Inliner densito meter
High definition imaging
Color personalization

Bid washer
Donaldson chiller
Can be viewed in production

price $145,000 LOC
Machine in excellent condition & maintained by HP indigo.

Terry Mc Vittie
813-949-7397 Ph.

In need of personalized book printer

2014, augusztus 26 - 16:43
Hello, we're new here, and hope this is the appropriate place to post this. We have a book series that we had on an app and now would like to print out as books. The stories are personalized children's books (meaning they have the child's name in the story). We are looking a printer who can print these books. The cover will be same and all the pages and content will be the same except where the [Name] field is & this will be filled in with the personalized child's name in each one, and then the printer would send it to the person who ordered the book. We've seen many examples of books like this (soft cover, about 30 color pages) for sale online for $10 to $20. Most, if not all, of the orders will come from the U.S.
We'd love any input as to who to reach out to for this type of printing.
Thank you in advance!

losing the ability to run 8.5 x11 text

2014, augusztus 26 - 16:13
letter size text keeps jamming...the older the machine gets, the worse 8.5x11 TEXT runs...It has gotten to the point where I do not even attempt it.. letter size card stock runs fine....any thoughts?

OEM Ink verses Third Party Ink

2014, augusztus 25 - 19:30
Share your stories. It's so tempting to save 70% or more with generic ink but . . . .

Xeikon 5000 and/or 8000 manuals

2014, augusztus 25 - 15:17

Newbie here. I just switched careers from web development to digital printing. Loving it so far, but I still have a lot to learn.
I'm looking for service / operator's manuals for the Xeikon 5000 and 8000 and for a manual for the X-800 front-end. Anything I can find, actually...


Operator's manual for Roland 205 EOB

2014, augusztus 25 - 12:46
Operator's manual for Roland 205 EOB

I'm looking for Roland 205 EOB 2007 operator's manual. I appreciate so much for any help.
My email:



Epson 9800 Print Head Cleaning Problem

2014, augusztus 25 - 02:13
I have a weird problem that I'm hoping someone may recognize a solution. When ever I run a regular print head cleaning it always
Shows missing bars usually on the last two colours on the right. If
I wait about half an hour and re run a nozzle check all of the bars appear and it prints fine. It will never show all bars after a cleaning.
Any help would be appreciated.

6 month old IPF8400

2014, augusztus 24 - 02:32
I just bought my first large format printer. This is a second hand printer in really excellent condition. I bought it from an estate and it is about 6 months old. It prints beautifully from files that are already stored on the printers hard drive, but I can't get any of the files sent from my Mac to print. I go through all the settings on the mac and the computer acts like it's sent the file. Then it just disappears. I'm pretty sure it something I've forgot to do and not the machine. Any thoughts or suggestions?

Print Voids on Xerox 550 only on lightweight stock not on card stock

2014, augusztus 23 - 17:46
Hopefully, someone can help me with this. I have 2 Xerox Color 550 and both are exhibiting the same problems with voids like thick lines on the leading edge of the paper.
-It only happens on 12x18 or 13x19 (not on letter) light stock (bond or couché) and I have already tried changing the paper from different suppliers including Xerox.
-I have changed, drums, toner, fuser and IBT Belt and IBT Belt Cleaner
I have cleaned everything I can reach and can't get to the bottom of it. Can anyone help? Thanks, Paul

X-rite IntelliTrax colour management system for SALE

2014, augusztus 23 - 15:49
I am looking to sell on an x-rite IntelliTrax colour management system, fully intact and working with all peripherals including computer, scanning system, software and motor, with paperwork.

Condition: Like new

The system is located in the UK, i am able to ship internationally.

Does anyone know of any ideal place to sell such equipment?
Please contact me if interested.

L628 Feeder trouble

2014, augusztus 23 - 11:01
Our press is about ten year old . we are having problems with the lifting suckers missing sheets if there is a slight downward curl on the board. we run on anyting from 200 um to 600 um board. also we run continuous changeover and the sheet seems to drop on on side after it has come off the change over bars. anyone else out there had these problems or can offer any advice much appreciated.

C3200 Blurry Color Printing

2014, augusztus 23 - 02:28
I am working on a C3200 copier. The color printing is blurry. Black and white works perfect. Before when this happend I cleaned the image transfer belt and drive rollers. Also cleaned the transfer cleaning assembly. If I remove and clean the transfer cleaning blade I get about 10 copies that are good then it starts gradually getting blurry again. Not sure if the transfer belt is slipping or I need to replace the the transfer cleaning assemby. Recommendations please.